Ukraine allowed homosexuals to donate blood

The wording "homosexual relationships" was removed from the list of contraindications for donation.

The item on homosexual relationships was removed from the list of contraindications to blood donation. In the list of contraindications, they were equated to forms of risky behavior.

This is reported by ZMINA with reference to the expert of the human rights LGBT center "Our World" Andrei Kravchuk.

According to him, now the wording "homosexual relations" is not in the list of contraindications to donation. Now it contains the wording "persons with risky sexual behavior that can lead to the disease of serious infectious diseases that can be transmitted through the blood."

The text of the order has not yet been published on the website of the Ministry of Health, but it can be found on the website “Liga. Law".

As a reminder, from May to September 2020, a National Study of the School Environment was conducted in Ukraine. The researchers found that 80% of LGBT teenagers do not feel safe at school.

Source: Nash Kiev

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