Hungary’s cruel anti-LGBT+ law is ‘most homophobic’ in Europe, says Dutch MEP

A Dutch MEP has said Hungary’s anti-LGBT+ law is the “most homophobic” in Europe.

Sophie in ‘t Veld hit out at the controversial law – which prohibits discussion of LGBT+ identities in schools, advertising and in the media – in a powerful speech at the European Parliament on Wednesday (7 July).

“Colleagues, we can already congratulate Mr Orbán on winning the European championship for the most homophobic law on the continent,” in ‘t Veld told the parliament.

“Last week, the new European far-right alliance has signed up to a common declaration of their ‘values’ that are profoundly homophobic and sexist, and the only answer to such an alliance is a passionate defence of European values of equality,” she said.

“Yet the European Council, it has already been said by many, stubbornly and shamefully refuses to act.

“No wonder, because the main offenders are actually members of that same European Council and the others are their enablers – let’s say the European Mitch McConnells.”

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