Gay couple brutally beaten just metres from their front door by ‘terrifying’ homophobic mob

A gay couple were left with cracked ribs and other injuries after they were violently beaten by a homophobic mob outside a gay club.

Dan Wilson and Rob Morris were attacked outside Colors nightclub in Basildon, Essex, in the early hours of Sunday morning (10 October), according to Echo News.

Morris was dressed in drag at the time of the attack, which occurred just metres away from their apartment. The couple left the nightclub at 1am – but they were quickly apprehended by a group of five men.

“It was terrifying, we didn’t know if they had any weapons,” Wilson told Echo News.

“Rob had been dressed in drag at the time. We knew straightaway they were coming straight for us.

“We’re covered in cuts and bruises, and I’ve got cracked ribs.”

Wilson said his partner Morris “came off worse” in the attack. Both men had their heads stamped on by the homophobic mob.

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