Man jailed for stabbing nurse after sex while screaming ‘I’m not gay’

A man in Liverpool has been jailed for stabbing a nurse 12 times in a “homophobic” rage after they’d had sex.

Liverpool Crown Court heard that Stephen Taylor, 24, met the victim when they both went for drinks at a house in Wirral, Merseyside, according to the Liverpool Echo.

Taylor said he had left his phone charger with the victim, who ordered him a taxi to his house and invited him in for a drink.

The victim, a mental health nurse, learned from a friend that Taylor was “straight”, but after leaving the house received a message from him.

Prosecutor Neil Bisarya said that while they were drinking gin, at around 3am, Taylor “leant over and grabbed [the victim’s] penis”, asking if he wanted “a bit of fun”.

The two men kissed and had sex, before Taylor asked the victim to engage in a sex act that was “not his thing”.

Later, Taylor asked the victim to perform the sex act on him, but when he refused, he grabbed a knife from the kitchen and began stabbing him.

Taylor was arrested after police received reports of a naked man walking in the streets.

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