Grindr reveals which countries have the most tops and bottoms

Grindr has finally answered the age-old question asked by countless bottoms across the world: ‘Where are all the tops?’

The world’s most popular queer dating app has revealed which countries have the most tops and bottoms as its annual Grindr Unwrapped report.

The Philippines boasts the highest amount of tops in the world, according to the report of the app’s 13 million users. Colombia, Israel, Argentina and India follow with coming out on top when it comes to tops.

But for tops looking to wrangle themselves a fine bottom, Vietnam is home to the largest proportion of users who list themselves as bottoms, followed by China, South Africa, Peru and Poland.

Proving the range that they have, queer men in Venezuela, Costa Rica, Romania, Russia and the Czech Republic are the most likely to list themselves as vers.

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