Haji Tayyar Huseynli supported the murders of LGBTI+s

Speaking to Modern.az, cleric Haji Tayyar Huseynli said that those who change their gender and worship are people cursed by God.

"This filth imported from Europe is of no use to us and is forbidden in the religion of God. There is no instruction in Islam to change one's gender. If God created man in the womb as a man and a woman, then, contrary to the will of the Creator, he would not be able to change his gender by using modern medical and technical means. This is a great sin and haraam.

There is a ruling in the religion that if a child is born of both sexes, it is possible to direct the child to one of the two sexes by calculating the percentage of attraction to the male or female behavior. This was not possible in the time of our prophets, but medical possibilities and surgery now allow it, and it is possible to direct it to one sex, taking into account the physical, psychological and behavioral characteristics of the person. It is unacceptable for them to say, "I pray, I worship, I am an honest person." There is no greater curse or wrath against God. Just as suicide is condemned in all religions and religious books, so is this step. In the early stages of creation, Adam was created in the form of a man and Eve in the form of a woman. All religious books, such as the Bible, the Torah, and others, state that intentional sex change is cursed in the divine ideology. The messengers sent by the Creator preach the one God. These people are not Muslims and their worship is not accepted. Their abode is hell."

Haji Tayyar noted that if people of the same sex have abnormal sexual intercourse, they can be sentenced to death:

"In the time of Lot, the inclination of women towards women and men towards men caused God's wrath, and God destroyed that country. In Islam, the ruling on same-sex sexual intercourse between women and men is death. If such an event is confirmed by fair witnesses, both of them can be sentenced to death in accordance with the requirements of religion. That is, according to religious rules, those who commit this heinous act must be killed. This is the demand of religion. Today, they allegedly created an organization and named it LGBT. Those who follow this path are followers of the devil, they cannot be religious."

According to Minority Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan ranks last among 49 European countries in the protection of LGBTI+ rights in the ILGA-Europe's reports over the past five years. Homophobic and transphobic crimes regularly occur in the country.

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