"A and 24 Others" at Sevilfest

On August 15, Vusala Hajiyeva's film "A and 24 others" was screened at the Sevil International Women's Documentary Film Festival. 

The film tells about the mass arrests of the LGBTI+ community in Azerbaijan in September 2017. These arrests, where the majority of detainees were trans women, have left a serious mark on the lives of LGBTI+s in the country. 

The director of the film, Vusala Hajiyeva, is a trans woman. She is residing in Tbilisi, Georgia due to the pressures she experienced in Azerbaijan. In addition to being a young director, Vusala is also engaged in microblogging and raising awareness on the topic of queerness in social networks.

The Sevil festival, where the film was screened, was held in Azerbaijan for the 3rd time. The festival presented documentary films from different countries to the Azerbaijani audience and paved the way for discussions on gender issues.

This independent and non-commercial festival, founded by Aygun Rashidova, will take place on August 13-20 this year in Baku, Sheki and Lankaran.

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