Interview with Azerbaijani Drag Queen Lady Slim

Drag culture began to come to the fore in entertainment life in the world from the late 60s. In the later 80s and 90s, drag gained a place in popular culture. Especially in America, a lot of drag began to take place in theater, cinema and fashion.

At the forefront of LGBTQI+ rebellions, drag acts have always been talked about and continue to be talked about for their ultra-feminine clothing, makeup, and defiance of binary patriarchal norms. In 1916, Huseyn Arablinski, who played the role of "Grandmother Hürü" in the tragedy "Müsybati-Fakhreddin", actually performed a drag performance, cross-dressing and drag, which is full of interesting facts, such as the custom called "Salahli Carnival" in Gazakh region, where men celebrate Novruz by wearing feminine clothes. Where are the performances currently?

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