17-year-old teenager is subjected to violence in Salyan

Nafas LGBTI Azerbaijan Alliance reported that, 17-year-old Fateh Ismayilov, who lives on Khalil Rza Ulutürk Street in Salyan, was abused by his family because of his sexual orientation. According to him, he was expelled from school after the 8th grade and he was deprived from his right to education. In 2019, his family gave Yashar Karimov, the chief doctor of the Salyan District Psychiatry Hospital, about 7 thousand manats, and treated him for 7 months. Fateh said that he was sexually abused in that hospital and was sent back to his family.

His friend informed the Gender Resource Center about what happened to Fateh. Nafas LGBTI Azerbaijan Alliance was informed by the Centre that on July 25, they sent an anonymous complaint to the State Committee for Family, Women and Children Affairs. According to the Centre, the Committee is a body that protects children’s rights, and when parents do not protect these rights, they should take this responsibility. Although the Center contacted the Committee again the next day, they faced serious indifference towards the issue.

Thus, the Committee forwarded the complaint to the Executive Power of Salyan District for consideration. However, according to Fateh, at the meeting, the executive power Ms. Sevinj did not fulfill the requirements of her job and told the teenager that he needs to be treated and that his family is dangerous people. Razgul, the deputy director, also attended the meeting, and instead of ensuring the child’s safety, she advised the child to file a complaint in the police.

On August 8, because his father pulled a knife on Fateh, he ran away from home and went to the Salyan district police station and wrote a complaint, telling about all the violence that happened to him. After accepting the child’s complaint, the head of the department, Mr. Rasul, called Fateh’s father, brother and two paramedics who sexually abused him to the department.

According to Fateh, his brother was reprimanded (he is a sergeant), and his father was instructed not to touch him again. Later, on August 9, Fateh was sent to the Psychiatric hospital in Mashtaga, where a meeting was held and the teenager’s complaints were listened to with the participation of 2 female and one male doctor. However, the decision of the meeting was not presented to Fateh, and he was sent back to Salyan, to his family. On August 13, Fateh went to the police station and tried to learn about the decision. He was told that a psychiatric evaluation was conducted to determine whether sexual violence had occurred, and a decision would be made in 10-15 days.

After Fatih returned from the unit, his family broke his phone and locked him in the house. One of the family members pushed him down from the 2nd floor and although Fateh’s arm was injured, a doctor was not called. Currently, Fateh is locked in the house and is regularly abused by his family. His friend who went to his house learned about this secretly and told the activists.

After that, the social worker contacted the 102 hotline service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and informed about Fateh’s condition. The social worker from the Ministry of Internal Affairs was told that the police were sent to that house and that the teenager feels good. However, Fateh contacted the activists through his friend and said that the police did not come to the house and that no one contacted him.

An activist of the Gender Resource Center told Nafas LGBTI Azerbaijan Alliance that so far Fateh has been against publicising the issue so as not to make the situation even more critical. But now he is asking for the issue to be made public. A complaint was also sent to the Ombudsman regarding the situation of Fateh Ismayilov.

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