Enmity towards LGBTI+ reached police torture in Yeldeğirmeni in Istanbul

The harassment and attacks of the police and anti-LGBTI+ gangs in Istanbul Kadıköy Yeldeğirmeni amounted to torture at the police station. The police tortured LGBTI+s and women who were harassed on the street. One person's arm, one person's tooth and one person's ear cartilage were broken.

The extent of the attacks in Istanbul Kadıköy Yeldeğirmeni, which has been on the agenda with anti-LGBTI+ gangs and police attacks since June, reached police torture.

On the night between October 12 and October 13, LGBTI+s and women were harassed by two men as they walked to their homes on the street. 8 people stated to Political News that they were first subjected to violence with kicks and punches in the middle of the street by the police and harassers, and then they were taken to Kadıköy İskele Police Station (Rıhtım Police Station) after being intervened with reverse handcuffs and close-range pepper spray.

As a result of police violence, one person's arm was broken, one person's ear cartilage burst, one person's tooth was broken and several people suffered head injuries. Apart from these, it was stated that there were signs of assault on many parts of their bodies.


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