The visibility of LGBTQI+ experiences in feminist mobilisation - discussion

On March 9th, a panel discussion titled "The Visibility of LGBTQI+ Experiences in Feminist Mobilization" was held at the Baku Community Space. 

The discussion, moderated by LGBTQI+ activist Cavid Nəbiyev, focused on the fight against exploitative power and conservatism by both feminist and LGBTQI+ movements, as well as the institutionalisation of normative structures that make our lives difficult and the hegemony of the system and its discourse on sexuality and gender. 

Panellists Azad Bəxti, Əli Məlikov, Leyla Həsənova, and Lili Nazarov questioned how much these two movements complement each other. They also discussed whether the local feminist movement is inclusive of LGBTQI+ individuals and the importance of working together. Additionally, they put forward proposals for more effective collaboration between the two communities in the future.

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