US government expressed support to trans community

In solidarity with the trans community, the US government has issued statements of support on International Trans Day of Visibility. 

US President Joe Biden, in a written statement, emphasised the importance of ensuring that "Trans Americans deserve to be safe in every community" and should not have to demonstrate bravery for merely being themselves.

However, the president also highlighted the alarming reality that across the country, MAGA extremists have passed hundreds of hateful and extreme state laws aimed at targeting trans children and families. MAGA is an acronym for Make America Great Again, a slogan frequently used by former President Trump.

"These attacks are un-American and they must stop," said Biden. "The bullying, discrimination, and political attacks that trans children face have worsened our national mental health crisis. Over half of trans youth report considering suicide, and loving parents are terrified for their children's futures."

The president also emphasised the administration's commitment to providing emergency mental health resources to those who need it most. With these initiatives, Biden and his team hope to create a safe and inclusive environment for all members of the trans community.

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