Pride podcasts from Nafas LGBTI Azerbaijan Alliance

During Pride month, Nafas LGBTI Azerbaijan Alliance, under the slogan "Our Struggle is Just," released two podcasts as part of the 2023 Pride Week.

In the podcast titled "Trans People Behind Bars," presented by Nafas LGBTI volunteer Alvi, queer activist Ali Malikov participated and discussed the police attack against the LGBTQI+ community that took place on May 23-24. Ali Malikov, who was one of the victims of these attacks, shared their experience of detention, the behaviour of the police towards detainees, and the conditions of the detention centre. The podcast also shed light on the experiences of trans and queer individuals in police stations and prisons in Azerbaijan.

In another podcast, presented by Nafas LGBTI volunteer Rza, titled "Living Positively as Queers living with HIV," queer individual Miri participated. In this podcast, Miri discussed the experiences of queer individuals living with HIV in terms of healthcare, rights, education, and employment in Azerbaijan.

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