Gender-Based Psychological Work - Training

The Inclusive Wellness Collective and the Gender Resource Center together announce the opening of applications for the Gender-Based Psychological Work program.

The program's objective is to increase the number of psychologists who can work with LGBTQ+ individuals. The program consists of three modules. The first module is the Gender module, where training sessions will be conducted on gender identities, sexual orientation, gender and sex differences, gender theories, and gender-sensitive work.

The second module is the Professional Development module. This module will consist of several training sessions aimed at enhancing psychologists' knowledge and skills in working with LGBTQ+ individuals.

In the third module, selected participants will undergo interviews and five psychologists will be chosen to gain experience. All the training sessions will be conducted by experts and professional psychologists.

Criteria for participation in the training:

  • Age between 21 and 35

  • Educational background in psychology

  • Interest in working with LGBTQ+ individuals

  • Regular attendance at meetings and training sessions

The training sessions will be conducted in Azerbaijani language, and participation is free of charge. All training sessions will take place in Baku on weekends.

Program duration: 3 months

Application deadline: August 25th

You can obtain the registration form here.

For inquiries, you can email [email protected].

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