Member of Parliament Butina demands the ban of Barbie due to LGBTI+ promotion

Russian deputy Maria Butina, who faced charges in the United States for foreign agency, watched the film "Barbie" and proposed removing the doll from the Russian market due to its LGBTI+ messaging. Butina expressed this demand on the Duma TV program as an author. During the "Mejdu Strok" ("Between the Lines") show, Butina complained about the "Barbie" film. According to her, she unfortunately had the opportunity to watch the film. Despite not specifying how she managed to watch the film, given that it wasn't officially available in Russia, the politician did not clarify how she watched it. She criticized the film as negative, uninteresting, and even referred to it as an advertisement for the US Democratic Party.

"What we see: gays, trans people, women who have conquered the world. Barbie, along with the Mattel company, must be eliminated because they bring the LGBT topic here. Go and watch 'Detskiy mir' ('Children's World'). Let them advocate it for themselves, we don't need it. Moreover, there is no need to spend anything on behalf of the state," Butina stated.

The deputy added that local dolls should be used for advocacy, including beauties like Barbie. She did not mention what kind of foreign dolls are being purchased from the state budget.

Discussing the film, M. Butina mentioned that the company manufacturing the doll, Mattel, finances the #MeToo movement. According to her, the main contribution to Hollywood's financing comes from the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

"This is indeed such a bad film that promotes propaganda, not just entertainment," Butina added. She acknowledged that sometimes it is justified to include LGBTQ+ themes, like in the case of the film about Alan Turing. However, when discussing the circumstances of his death due to forced treatment, the host interrupted the deputy's speech.

Since September 2021, Maria Butina has been a member of the State Duma, representing the "United Russia" party in the Kirov region. She lived in the US for many years, trying to establish contacts with Republicans and organizing a secret meeting between Trump and Putin. The US Department of Justice accused her of unregistered foreign agent activities and attempts to influence politics. As a result, she spent six months in an American prison before being deported to Russia.

Maria Butina is a proponent of civilian firearms and is a co-founder of the organization "Gun Rights". In 2012, she co-authored a report with Senator Alexander Troshin, advocating for the expansion of gun rights for self-defense by Russians.

She supported people accused of exceeding the bounds of self-defense.

In the "Mejdu strok" program, Butina analyzes Western media with the presenter. The episodes often focus on LGBTI+ issues. The main theme of the previous two videos was queer soldiers in Ukraine. The deputy referred to them as the "degeneration of the nation". Butina's demand to ban Barbie was published on Saturday morning during the show's broadcast.

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