Film: "Invisible rainbow of Turkmenistan"

"Invisible Rainbow of Turkmenistan" is a documentary film of the Turkmenistan Radio Liberty about the lives of brave people fighting for their rights and freedoms in Turkmenistan, one of the most repressive countries in the world. The film is in Russian with Turkmen subtitles.

“The security forces use batons and mops for other purposes,” – LGBTQI+ activist from Turkmenistan says in the film. 

The main character of the film, 29-year-old David Omarov, shared his personal experience and talked about the problems faced by the LGBTQI+ community in his country.

David managed to escape the country, but before that he was severely tortured. In addition, he was threatened with repressions against his family members.

David's story is the story of how the brutal repression machine tries to break and destroy LGBTQI+s in Turkmenistan and how they have to fight every day for their right to be themselves.

This story tells about the invisible rainbow of Turkmenistan, which will tell the brutal truth hidden by the Turkmenistani regime.

Turkmenistan is on one of the last places in the ranking of countries for equal rights for LGBTQI+s. The country still criminalises homosexuality, and discrimination and violence against queer community remains unpunished. International human rights organisations regularly criticise the government of Turkmenistan for human rights violations and demand the repeal of repressive laws.

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