As the arrival of spring colors our surroundings, the arrival of our magazine will color your life. After a long break, Minority Azerbaijan magazine is again meeting its readers.

As we understand the importance of the Minority Magazine for LGBT community in Azerbaijan, we do our best to make it sustainable. This time we are here with more colorful and art-rich materials.

The magazine's cover is based on Ray Bredbury's "Future Child" story.

"How would you react if your child was not born like the others? Doctors say the baby is completely healthy and everything is OK, but looks different. "

Parents in this story have passed a long way from depression, anxiety and fear of public opinion to their own children. 

If we put aside the futuristic nature of the story, in general, this story is about our genius and unconditional love.

Our magazine will be published every month as usual. At this time, we have been loyal to our tradition and interviewed a famous person. Can Candan is the director of the documentary "My Child", which also affected the lives of people in Azerbaijan. The film is about the parents of LGBTQI children, their support to their children, and the struggle for LGBT rights.

We also have an interview with the author of the Queer Habibi project, which has 40 thousand viewers in the Instagram, who is appealing to the Arabic LGBTQI community, and a special illumination prepared for our readers.