According to the information from Azerbaijani LGBTQI community into Nafas LGBT Azerbaijan Alliance and Minority Azerbaijan several trans and gay individuals were called to various police departments in Baku on 27th and 28th of October, 2019. During these unofficial meetings they were offered money in exchange for holding a rally and express that the LGBTQI community is satisfied and happy with the current situation in the country. According to the report, the sum offered was 100-300 AZN (70-250 USD). The community members who shared this information with us are concerned about their names to be used in such topics. It also worth mentioning that the community members who were offered money to rally are not among those who suffered from mass arrests in 2017th raids. 

Additionally, yesterday on "Azad soz" YouTube channel's live streaming it was mentioned that LGBTQI community could be potentially used against opposition's protests.

We - Nafas LGBT Azerbaijan Alliance, Minority Azerbaijan and AZAD LGBT Collective, are calling LGBTQI community not to be a part of the insidious games regardless of the offered amount. The provocations as such primarily puts the safety of the LGBTQI community under risk. 

As the organizations listed above, we strongly condemn the use of LGBTQI community in this dirty plans and urge all members of the community to protect themselves during mass rallies.