Shamelessly transphobic Polish minister urged to resign after lying about schools ‘stuffing’ kids with hormones. A minister in Poland has refused to back down after a fact checker debunked his wild claim that teachers are “stuffing [children] with drugs to change their gender”.

On September 1 the Polish commissioner for children’s rights protection Mikołaj Pawlak appeared on TV to oppose the teaching of sexual education in schools. Interviewed by the journalist Konrad Piasecki for TVN24 News, Pawlak lied that sex educators were giving young trans children hormone therapy without the consent of their parents or doctors.

“Can you guarantee the sex educators, who we let into 20,000 schools, won’t be spreading such content?” he asked. “Like for instance in Poznań, they catch a child somewhere unstable, neglected, and give them medicine to change their gender without knowledge and consent of the parents and doctors. We prevent this!”

Unfortunately for the minister, it’s just not true. According to the impartial fact checker Konkret24, there have been no such reports about sex education teachers giving children hormones. And when TVN24 contacted the prosecutor of Poznań asking them to verify the claims, they confirmed they’d heard nothing of the sort.

Source: PinkNews

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