NIDA Civic Movement condemns violence against LGBTQ+s

Today, June 9, in a Facebook post, the movement drew attention to the recent acts of violence against LGBTQI+, as well as the refusal of medical staff to serve them, and made the following demands:

"Everyone has the right to freedom of expression of their sexuality.

Everyone's rights, regardless of sexual orientation, must be protected and guaranteed.

Sexual orientation should not impede the enjoyment of all human rights, including freedom of life, work and expression.

Any form of discrimination, including sexual discrimination, should be prohibited.

Those who discriminate against, sexually or otherwise group, physically or psychologically oppress them and behave in a similar manner in society should be punished. ”

The movement also shared the Rainbow logo on its social media accounts on the occasion of the Month of Pride.

NIDA is a union of Azerbaijani citizens around the idea of ensuring the rule of law and implementing socio-economic changes in order to build civil society and a democratic state in Azerbaijan.

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