Cyber attack on"Qıy vaar!" podcast 

Instagram page of the platform "Qıy vaar!” which prepares podcasts on topics such as sex and sexuality, sexual pleasure and health, queer-feminist activism was blocked. The Instagram page of the platform was blocked and access to the Facebook page was observed from an unknown device. The page's administrator, LGBTI + blogger Ali Malikov spoke to Minority Azerbaijan. 

According to him, on October 1, he observed that he could not access the Instagram page. On October 2, he received information about the closure of the page. It is believed that this was the result of numerous complaints. Then, on October 3, at 5:50, he saw the Facebook page of"Qıy Vaar!" platform was accessed from an unknown device. Ali Malikov says that the page was always accessed from only one device, and there was no access by the admin at that time. It is still unknown who owns the second device.

In the days following the incident, Ali Malikov contacted the social network to restore his Instagram page, but to no avail. He has now created a new Instagram page for the platform called “qiyvaarpodkast”.

At the moment, we have aired the episodes on "transphobia and state, police pressure on trans communities," "what is slut-shaming?" and "Queer Migration." Our goal this month was to deliver 4-5 more episodes to the audiecne about "biphobia and monosexism", "HIV+/AIDS talks", "education system and LGBTQ+s" and so on. As the page is closed, the episodes have stopped for now. ” - Ali Malikov said.

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