The fact that Sanag Yagmur is an LGBTI+ activist is used against her

On October 12, Sanay Yagmur, a 17-year-old feminist and LGBTQ + rights activist, posted on her Facebook account that she had been sexually abused by her cousin last year. According to the activist, although she appealed to the prosecutor's office in connection with the incident, the perpetrator, Asgar Agazade, has not yet been detained. Askar Agayev was interrogated as a witness, not as a suspect in the criminal case. Sanay also said that the prosecutor's office ignored the expert opinion on the incident. She described the cover-up of crime as a political revenge for her political activities.

Zumrud Yagmur, the victim's mother, provided some evidence in connection with the incident.It turned out that the accused, Agazadeh Asgar Yusif oglu, sent a telegram to the Interior Ministry and the Yasamal District Prosecutor's Office, saying that Sanay was a "member of LGBT and feminist groups" and asked to take appropriate measures in this regard. 

Zumrud Yagmur also noted that the other party had filed a petition in court to add Sanay's activism to the case, and the petition was granted. 

Speaking at a press conference, Zumrud Yagmur said that although she had written numerous letters to various government agencies, as well as the president and vice president for a fair investigation, they remained unanswered and the events Sanay faced were not investigated fairly.

During a discussion on the Fem-Utopia platform on October 17, Sanay Yagmur said that the prosecutor's office also referred to her activism during the interrogation. The investigator also recalled the recent sticker action by Sanay about menstruation, saying that "a moral girl does not do such an action."

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