Trans woman was attacked in Baku

Trans woman was attacked in Baku on November 15. The victim herself informed Minority Azerbaijan about this.  

The woman said that the incident took place at night around 23.00-00.00 on S. Tagizadeh Street. As her partner and she walked down the street, they saw two men looking at them. One of them asked the victim's partner for a cigarette, and when he found out that none of them had a cigarette, he said, "People like you are running amuck!" and attacked her partner. At that moment, the second man began to approach them with a cutting tool in his hand. 

The victim saw a car coming from afar, shouted and started calling for help. As a result, the attackers left the area, saying, "Be smart, do not appear here again."

According to the victim, the person who asked them for a cigarette had previously harassed her in August of this year in the garden of the Cabinet of Ministers. Therefore, she believes that the last attack was not accidental, but a transphobic attack. 

As a result of the incident, both victims suffered serious psychological trauma. According to the trans woman, she is reluctant to complain to the police because she is concerned about her safety and anonymity.

It should be noted that in the rankings of the international LGBTQ organization ILGA-Europe, Azerbaijan has been ranked last among 49 European countries for the protection of LGBTQ rights for the last five years. Homophobic and transphobic crimes regularly occur in the country.

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