Police arrest gang who ‘lured men on Grindr and forced them to empty their bank accounts’

A gang allegedly used Grindr to target as many as 20 queer victims, who they assaulted and robbed.

Authorities arrested three people in Ahmedabad, the main city of the western state of Gujarat, India, on Tuesday (15 February), Reuters reported.

Police officer J P Jadeja said the gang members had used Grindr to find potential victims who they lured to secluded areas to beat and rob.

In some cases, he said, they forced victims to send them bank transfers.

“Those arrested have confessed to having robbed at least 15 or 20 people using the same method in the last four months,” Jadeja said.

According to Reuters, the gang had believed their victims would not report them to authorities out of fear that they would be exposed for using Grindr. But one of the victims did complain to police about their horrific encounter.

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