Teenager accused of trying to beat gay neighbour, 60, to death with a wrench

A teenager in Illinois has been arrested after allegedly tying up and trying to beat his 60-year-old gay neighbour to death with a pipe wrench.

According to Herald and Review, Ethan Dickerson, 19, was arrested on 17 February in Decatur, Illinois, when he was found in his neighbours house, a police affidavit said.

Officers arrived on the scene after a broken window at the house was reported, and immediately heard the victim crying out for help.

Police kicked the door down, and found Dickerson covered in blood. The teenager immediately fell to his knees, accepting arrest.

The 60-year-old victim was found in the kitchen, with a “significant” amount of blood covering both him and the floor from lacerations to his head. Next to him was duct tape and a pipe wrench.

According to the affidavit, he told police that he had been in bed when he heard his window break.

As he got up he was soon faced with Dickerson, he said, who began beating him with the pipe wrench.

During the attack, he repeatedly asked by he was being targeted.

Dickerson allegedly responded: “You know why I have to do this… You’re gay… You’re evil… I’m going to kill you.”

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