Police sprayed tear gas at the house of trans women on the pretext of loud noise in İzmir

Police violence against trans women in İzmir on 3 may: Beatings, pepper spray, ambulance entry is blocked on the pretext of loud noise.

On 3 may, the police came to 1463 Street in Alsancak, where sex worker trans women live and work, citing a loud complaint. Although the police, who got out of the vehicle, came with complaints of loud noise, they evacuated the area as the first thing.

Other trans women living on the street reacted to the police, who came to one of the houses where trans women live and tried to forcibly take down one of the women working on the street. The sex worker women told the police to keep a report if there was a complaint.

They attacked those who recorded the video, sprayed pepper gas inside the house, and blocked the entrance of the ambulance.

After the trans women started to videotape the event, the police attacked the women. The police, who ran after one of the women and entered the house, beat the woman and sprayed pepper gas inside the house.

One of the trans women attacked by the police was diabetic and fell into a diabetic coma because she was prevented from taking her insulin. Another trans woman also had a panic attack due to the attack. The ambulance, which was called to the scene to provide medical help to trans women, could not enter the street for a while due to the police blockade.

Lawyer of trans women living on the street, Atty. Sena Yazıbağlı stated that 5 women received reports of assault due to the police attack and that they would go to the prosecutor's office and file a complaint.

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