Trans Woman was Subjected to Violence in Sumgait

Nafas LGBTI Azerbaijan Alliance reports that, trans woman was beaten by her boyfriend in Sumgait.

She said that because she is trans, the police did not look into the case and ignored the violence. Another man who was previously imprisoned also assaulted her because she is a trans woman. However, the 4th police station of Sumgait city did not investigate the case.

The woman said in the police station: “I try to stay away from your employees, because they contact my landlords and they kick me out of the house. 3 days ago, on August 28, when my partner stuck a pair of scissors in my chest and said, ‘I will cut you in two,’ I was afraid to file a complaint with the police.”

LGBTI+ rights activist and the founder of “Qıy Vaar!” platform Ali Malikov told the Nafas LGBTI Azerbaijan Alliance that “It is important to publicise the incident. At the moment, the woman is in danger.” They also said that her boyfriend called the woman and asked her to withdraw the application, otherwise he threatened to commit suicide.

Vahid Aliyev from Nafas LGBTI Azerbaijan Alliance added:

"LGBTI+s are the most marginalised and discriminated community in Azerbaijan. There is epidemic level of discrimination against LGBTI+s in the country. 

The lack of laws protecting LGBTI+s in Azerbaijan, the fact that the conservative society sees LGBTI+ people as legitimate targets of insults and violence leaves us – the queer community – in a precarious situation.

According to the latest reports of ILGA-Europe, an independent, international non-governmental organisation that unites more than 600 organizations from 54 countries of Europe and Central Asia, Azerbaijan is the worst country amongst 49 countries politically, socially and legally for LGBTI+s to live .

As Nafas LGBTI Azerbaijan Alliance, we demand that Azerbaijan to fulfill its obligations undertook to respect by ratifying the European Convention on Human Rights."

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