Two more suspects arrested after deadly mass shooting during Norway Pride festival

Two further arrests have been made in connection with a deadly mass shooting at a Pride event in Oslo, Norway, in June that killed two people and injured more than 19.

Police have said two suspects, a man in his 40s and a Norwegian national in his 30s, were arrested on Sunday (25 September), while a second Norwegian man in his 40s is still being sought, Associated Press reported.

On 25 June 2022, it was reported gunfire was heard at 1.14am local time in three locations, including a popular LGBTQ+ venue named London Pub.

Several people were injured, with many rushing to flee venues close by, or attempting to hide in basements.

Olav Ronneberg, a crime reporter for the Norwegian public broadcaster NRK, told the outlet he saw a man “arrive at the scene” with a bag, before taking up a gun and shooting it.

A witness to the attack said: “I was in the outer bar in London when it happened. I just noticed that a shot was fired, and I was hit by a shard of glass.

“There were more and more and more shots, so I escaped into the inner bar and tried to get as many as possible with me.”

Along with 43-year-old Zaniar Matapour, who was arrested shortly after the incident, the total number of suspects connected to the mass shooting now stands at four.


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