One year has passed since the murder of Avaz Hafizli

On February 22, one year has passed since the murder of LGBTQ+ rights activist and journalist Avaz Hafizli. Avaz Hafizli has done exceptional work to organize the LGBTQ+ community in the country and highlighted the problems of all sections of society without any discrimination.

Avaz Hafizli was targeted by homophobic and transphobic blogger Sevinj Huseynova since the summer of 2022. Although the blogger called for the beating and killing of Avaz Hafizli, as well as a number of community members, no countermeasures were taken by any law enforcement agency.

Although Avaz Hafizli repeatedly held protests against this issue and stated that his life was in danger, neither the Ministry of Internal Affairs, nor the Prosecutor's Office, nor the State Security Service responded to the appeals.

Avaz Hafizli was murdered on February 22, 2022 by his cousin on the grounds of his sexual orientation. During the investigation of the criminal case, the circumstances of the case, multiple stab wounds and a hate motive were not taken into account, and the murderer was given the lowest possible sentence. His brother, who is his legal heir, said during the trial that he did not complain about the killer.

Months after his murder, Avaz Hafizli's friends found out that his family refused to put a headstone for him in order to lose the track of his grave. Although Hafizli's friends initiated the laying of the headstone at their own expense, his family prevented it. His grave still lacks a tombstone.

On February 22, the LGBTQ+ community, social and political activists, and journalists visited the grave of Avaz Hafizli and commemorated him. His friends said that they will do everything they can to ensure that Avaz's memory is not forgotten.

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