NikkieTutorials — real name Nikkie de Jager — is the world’s most influential beauty vlogger. Owing to her winning personality and ability to unlock the power of make-up, she’s amassed 13 million subscribers on YouTube and nearly 14 million followers on Instagram. She’s so good at her craft that A-list celebs including Lady Gaga,Kim Kardashian and Jessie J have all called on her to work her magic. They got that Nikkie glow! 

According to the EBU’s official statement, Nikkie is going to be one very busy woman.

“The Netherlands’ most famous internet star, makeup artist NikkieTutorials (Nikkie de Jager) will report on the 65th Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam via our online channels. She will also record a special backstage YouTube series with the participating artists, report from the red carpet during the Opening Ceremony and will be seen at all 3 live shows.”

Given that Moroccanoil — one of the world’s leading beauty brands — is the official sponsor, we expect that Nikkie will be unleashing the power of argan oil very soon.