It is reported that the "TəmizQan" (Pure Blood) movement targeting homosexuals has been established in Baku

According to one of the newly established Telegram channels, a youth movement called "Pure Blood" has been established in Baku to find and beat people with "non-traditional sexual orientation".

The March 20 news broadcast on Noooldu +18 caused a heated debate. There are also supporters of this news in the comments. Some users said that "they should be burned," "if we do not fight them, our future will be destroyed."

Unfortunately, but first of all, this needs to be promoted at the govn't level, as is done in Hungary and Poland, where they are not allowed to breathe, but also not bad, the fight against them is necessary, otherwise we will be fucked up in decades.

Cheers. (We) need to burn such.

The channel itself commented on the news as "Finally, a normal movement has emerged."

In Baku, the youth movement "TamizGan" (Pure Blood) to be created again, which is aimed at catching people of non-traditional orientation with the aim of beating them. Finally, normal movement..

It should be noted that in the Hornet dating application, people from the community are already urging each other to be informed and careful.

As Minority Azerbaijan, we are concerned about this news and demand that law enforcement agencies seriously investigate the matter.

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