Another homophobic attack in Baku

An attack on a homosexual took place in Baku. This was reported to Minority Azerbaijan by the victim himself.

According to him, the incident took place in the evening of May 31 in the Yasamal district of the capital. The victim was initially verbally abused by two unknown individuals. After talking about the victim's earrings and appearance, they grabbed his shirt from behind and attacked him. The victim said that one of the perpetrators hit him in the arm with a wine glass. As a result, his arm slipped, he lost his balance and fell to the ground. After that, unknown people fled the scene.

The victim told Minority Azerbaijan that he could not see the attackers' faces because they were wearing masks. He is currently trying to recover from his psychological trauma and plans to apply to law enforcement agencies as soon as possible.

According to ILGA Europe, Azerbaijan is ranked last among 49 European countries in terms of LGBTQ + rights over the past few years.

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