Celebrities reacted to the anti-LGBTI+ rally

Today - September 18, an anti-LGBTI+ rally was organised in Istanbul's Saraçhane Park under the name "Great Family Reunion". One of the main demands of the rally was the creation of anti-LGBTI+ legislation.

Many organisations and celebrities from Türkiye reacted to this rally. Haber.com informs about this.

"We will stop the crimes against women platform", "Mor Dayanişma", "Emek Gençliği" and other organisations, the Women's Assembly of the HDP party, the deputy chairperson of the CHP Gökçe Gökçen expressed their objection to what happened through social networks.

A number celebrities Türkiye also expressed their objections to the rally. Among them are Mabel Matiz, Aleyna Tilki, Yonca Evcimik and others.

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