Queer Art Festival “underprivileged” Group Exhibition

“Beyond Invisibility”

Underprivileged queer communities often experience systemic discrimination, limited access to resources, and a lack of acceptance, making their journey toward equality and self-realization a complex and arduous one. The project’s subject is Hayat, a trans woman and sex worker from Baku. After the interview with Hayat, the artist decided to dedicate all three segments of the project to her and to the challenges of underprivileged circumstances that she encounters in various aspects of her life.

Lack of Media Representation:

The limited media presence of trans people in Azerbaijan is largely due to the persistence of societal taboos surrounding particular topics. Moreover, the act of sharing one's identity online, particularly for trans women, is fraught with significant risks in the country.

The artist's approach aims to address this issue by employing potent and feminine imagery alongside the subject, seeking to spotlight a facet of identity that is seldom depicted in Azerbaijani media: TRANS VISIBILITY.

Artist: Meriban K. 

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