Russia is taking action against the ESC winner

The Russian regime would like to arrest the Ukrainian ESC winner Jamala. The 40-year-old had previously campaigned for the population of occupied Crimea and criticised Russian war crimes.

Russia has put out a wanted notice for Jamala, the Ukrainian winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2016. This was reported by Russian state news agencies. The Russian Interior Ministry in Moscow did not mention the criminal charges against the singer of Crimean Tatar origin.

However, an unnamed police representative told the state news agency Tass that Jamala had spread "false information" about the Russian military. The state describes practically anything that does not correspond to the official line of the Putin regime as false information. It is possible that Jamala's criticism of the Russian massacre in Bucha is a reason for the manhunt - the Russian military carried out a massacre of civilians in the city last year in which, according to Ukrainian information, 458 people died.

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