Journalist Avaz Hafizli held a protest rally

Yesterday, September 10, at 11:30 pm, journalist, LBGTI+ community member Avaz Hafizli held a one-person rally in the center of Baku to protest the next phobic speech of transphobic and homophobic blogger Sevinj Huseynova.

He held up a sign reading "LGBT rights, human rights" and chanted "down with homophobia." Avaz Hafizli expressed dissatisfaction with the failure of state agencies to respond to Sevinj Huseynova's threatening calls.

Police arrived at the scene shortly after. They forcibly detained Avaz Hafizli and dragged him along Yusif Mammadaliyev Street in front of McDonald's restaurant. He was then taken in a police car to the 9th police station in the Sabail district. 

He was released after being detained for about an hour.

It should be noted that since July, blogger Sevinj Huseynova has repeatedly humiliated the honor and dignity of the LGBTI+ community, calling for violence and murders against the community on her Instagram account.  She also insulted and threatened Avaz Hafizli. Both Avaz Hafizli and the local trans community complained to the police, the Prosecutor General's Office and the Commissioner for Human Rights about Sevinj Huseynova's actions, however to no avail. On September 5, Avaz Hafizli, who was traumatised by the blogger's threats, attempted suicide.

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